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NOORtoGO is the catering division of NOOR Events | Venue | Catering in Pasadena.

We designed NOORtoGO as a catering platform to support the fundraising efforts of non-profit organizations and private schools that are hosting a Virtual Fundraiser Gala. With the ability to deliver Chef-prepared three-course dinners and beverages to attendee's homes on the day of their event, event hosts will provide value for the donations they receive from their supporters and sponsors.

Our catering service also offers a convenient alternative for hosting gatherings at home for special occasions, removing the need to go shopping and preparing large, multi-course meals. NOORtoGO is a catering hub for the rapid delivery of chef-prepared gourmet meals sent to the homes of attendees of a Virtual Fundraiser Gala on the day of the event.

Our award-winning culinary team prepares fresh, ready to heat and serve meals individually packaged in oven-safe containers for guest safety and convenience. We take a leadership position in the meal delivery space with a commitment to using recyclable and reusable packaging material, and over 80% of our packaging is recyclable.

Attendees of your virtual event will have their meals delivered to their homes on the day of the event with printed reheating instructions included. Together with other attendees, your supporters will enjoy their meals in the comfort of their living room while participating in your virtual event.

"Although we are socially distancing due to the pandemic, technology has done a great job of keeping us connected. However, food and drink have always played an important role in social gatherings. For the past ten years, our venue in Pasadena has hosted thousands of events and provided an incredible guest experience to attendees of fundraiser galas, weddings, and other social events, so it only made sense to bring our culinary talents into people's homes. The NOORtoGO catering platform provides value to supporters and sponsors who have generously donated to non-profit organizations and private schools. With the delivery of a three-course dinner and bottle of wine or pre-batched cocktail provided by the host of the event, your next virtual event is guaranteed to be a success," says NOOR's President Robert Shahnazarian.

Since November 2010, NOOR has hosted thousands of events in Pasadena. Readers of Pasadena Weekly have chosen NOOR as Best Private Event Venue nine years in a row (2010-2019).

NOOR has received COVID-19 Precaution certification for both ServSafe Re-Opening Guidance and Delivery. Safety measures include protective masks and gloves for all employees and body temperature checks before beginning a shift. We have also equipped our kitchen with a medical-grade filtration HEPA Air Purifier system.

ABOUT NOOR: NOOR is a versatile event venue space in Pasadena, providing 15,000 sq ft of event space for social, corporate, and non-profit events. Complete with two ballrooms, the Ella and Sofia, each with a formal foyer and patio and an outdoor space, the NOOR | Terrace, for al fresco receptions and wedding ceremonies. Available for events with 50 to 1,000 guests, let the team at NOOR plan your event.